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14th International Festival of Street Artists

During this 4-day festival you will enjoy shows performed by single street artists and by professional groups of artists from all over the world. The program of events organised in the picturesque setting of Ascona is widely diversified, from theatre to dancing shows, including mime artists. Streets are filled with jugglers, tightrope walkers, fire eaters, musicians and clowns who make the lakeside a more magical, amusing place.

White Night in Locarno

Even this year Locarno stays up late for one magical night of cultural events dedicated to music, art and amusement. Locarno’s old town squares are filled with live concerts, traditional dances, street artists, food stalls and other interesting activities both for children as for grown-ups. One of the main music shows is usuall held in Piazza Grande, where local DJs from Radio Fiume Ticino host great musicians. The city is made more and more lively from exceptional opening hours of restaurants, bars, shops, art galleries and museums. During this amazing night, you will also enjoy a small taste of other important local events, such as Street Artists Festival, JazzAscona, Vallemaggia Magic Blues, Verzasca Country Festival and Film Festival.

Autumn Festival

The Autumn Festival will take place on the second Saturday of October in Ascona. Visitors are invited to taste over 2000 kg of chestnuts roasted on the fire by the local maronatt as well as various chestnut-based delicacies such as jams, honeys and cakes and a host of the region's traditional food and wine products. Polenta and mortadella or gorgonzola will be served at lunch time and many concerts will entertain the public during the afternoon.

72nd Settimane Musicali Ascona

04 September - 17 October

The Settimane Musicali di Ascona, with its rich programme of symphony concerts, chamber music evenings and single instrument recitals, has come to represent, over the last seventy years, the most important classical music festival in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. The world's most renowned artists have visited Ascona at least once, with many others returning several time.

The concerts take place in the picturesque setting of the churches Collegio Papio in Ascona and San Francesco in Locarno.

Ascona-Locarno Run 2017

14 October - 15 October

The Ascona-Locarno Run represents a unique occasion for visiting the region of Lake Maggiore in its stunning scenery as it takes on its vivid autumn colours
Suggestive places such as the Piazza Grande in Locarno – both starting and finish point of the marathon – and the famous lakefront promenade of Ascona will be part of the race. Participants may choose among the contests of Marathon (42.195 km),  Half Marathon (21.0975 km) and 10km distance, according to their own physical conditions and actual abilities.

Locarno on Ice

23 November - 07 January

Fragrances, music and light effects fill the heart of Locarno with a warm and welcoming Christmas appearance. During Locarno on Ice, the Piazza Grande transforms itself into a fairy-like place with a spectacular ice rink surrounded by red carpets, a partly covered and heated terrace, a stage for live acts, four large transparent igloo bars and a series of small chalets where one can enjoy various gastronomic specialties.


Enjoying nice food, toasting with friends, ice-skating under enchanting Christmas lights, attending a live concert or one of the numerous activities planned for both children and adults: Locarno on Ice is without doubt the perfect place for spending time with friends and family during the winter season.

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